FOREO’s LUNA Mini 2 Is The New Winner Of Skin Care. Here’s Why

Facial brushes have taken the beauty world by storm! Walk into your local beauty store and you’ll get plenty of options to choose from. They are a good investment, if you ask me. They are highly effective in giving your face that squeaky clean, super fresh look and are quite convenient overall.

However, just as too many cooks spoil the broth; too many options can leave you utterly confused! And that’s why I’m here! To tell you which facial cleansing brush is the cream of the crop and actually worth your time and money. And as you can see from the title, it’s FOREO’s LUNA mini 2 – the revolutionary T-Sonic Silicone Facial-Cleansing Device! Let me tell you why.

All it takes is one revolutionary product to change the beauty game forever and the FOREO LUNA mini 2 is just that! Having used several facial brushes, I can vouch for its effectiveness and honestly, won’t shy away from calling it the ‘best facial cleansing brush I have ever used!’

This product is nothing short of ground-breaking! You see facial brushes have been in the market for some time now but all of them always used bristles made of nylon, which eventually led to breakouts and skin damage causing dryness and abrasion, thus doing more harm than good. What FOREO did here was invent the first ever silicone brush (which was the first LUNA mini) and thereby, completely solved the problem of skin damage and breakouts!

I’ve been using the LUNA mini 2 for a month now and I am simply in love with it.

I’ve been using the LUNA mini 2 for a month now and I am simply in love with it. The design and the packaging are so sophisticated and elegant. Its sleek yet innovative design makes it stand out and look beautiful. I have the midnight black color version (you can choose from 6 cool colors), which is a combination of black and grey and it looks very classy! It even looks great sitting on my bathroom shelf in that slick color combo. And whenever I take it out of my purse, my girlfriends think more of it as a fashion accessory than a cleansing brush!

As for the design, this thing is small enough to fit comfortably in your hand

As for the design, this thing is small enough to fit comfortably in your hand, in your purse and even in your pocket. You can carry it around wherever you go. Honestly, I find that very liberating about the LUNA mini 2. Its pocket size gives me the freedom to carry it to work, on trips and practically everywhere else! The fact that a single charge lasts 5 months and it only takes a USB cable to charge it (no carrying extra bulky chargers) is like a cherry on top of a very sweet cake!

The oval shape offers a very good grip

The oval shape offers a very good grip. Using it is quite easy. I just have to press that tiny button at the front of the device and it’ll instantly start pulsating. There are 8 different intensities to choose from, which means completely customize your skin cleansing experience to your liking! Despite the adjustable intensities, the cleansing action of the brush is very gentle and smooth on the skin.

What I love the most about the LUNA mini 2 is that it’s very hygienic, thanks to its silicone brushes (35x times more than nylon brush cleansers). Its T-sonic pulsations help in removing up to 99.5% of the dirt, oil and makeup residue that accumulate on the skin, which is like 6 times better than washing your face with your hands!

This brush also helps in effectively removing blackheads

This brush also helps in effectively removing blackheads (trust me, I’ve had many and they’re gone now). And it helps in the improved absorption of the creams and potions I apply on my face to keep my skin healthy! You know I have to tell you that just after the first use, I noticed a visible improvement in the texture of my skin. It looked so radiant, I got plenty of compliments with people asking ‘what have I been using these days?’ and I proudly told them about the LUNA mini 2!

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