Incredible Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs

1. Messy Wavy Hair With Bangs

Messy wavy hair looks incredible. It is perfect for those hot summer days. The lightly feathered bangs along with wavy hair draw the attention to your eyes. They cover your forehead and cheekbones, making your face look smaller than it is. If you have a round or heart-shaped face, these bangs will look great on you. The light color tones at the ends lend it a sunkissed look and make the jawline look slim.

2. Big Waves With Front Bangs

Wavy hair looks voluminous and luscious. The ashy colors in this hairstyle also make it look full and lush. The frontal bangs cover the height of the forehead, while the split in the center shows just enough of the forehead to make it appear wide instead of large. The dark to light ombre is the best for framing the face.

3. Long Side-Swept Bangs

This hairstyle is simple but classic. Long side-swept bangs with medium length hair look good on all face shapes. If you have a broad forehead or wide cheeks, the long side bangs can cover them up, giving your face a slim look. Adding lighter colors to your darker hair (and vice versa) is a great way to showcase your natural hair and also give definition to your facial features.

4. The Emo Look With Deep Side-Swept Bangs

This grunge hairdo works the best for teens and young adults. The deep side bangs and straight layers make this hairstyle the perfect emo look for blonde locks. Deep side bangs make the cheeks appear smaller than they are, while the layers soften and elongate the jawline. The dark, smokey eyeshadow totally ups the dramatic effect.

5. Side-Swept Bangs With A Long Bob

The lob is one of the most highly coveted hairstyles of this day and age. But if you have a circular or large face, consider getting bangs with this hairdo. Deep side-swept bangs help make your face look slender and long. They also draw attention to your eyes.

6. Feathered Bangs With Straight Hair

Eye-grazing front bangs are the best. These bangs make a long face look small and proportionate, and keep the focus on the eyes, cheekbones, and mouth. Straight hair accentuates the face-framing effect of these bangs. If you have a chiseled jawline, this hairstyle will showcase it well.

7. Side Bangs With A Low Bun

This low bun with side bangs is perfect for formal events. Detangle your hair entirely and tie it in a low ponytail, leaving the side bangs to fall freely. Using a curling iron or a straightener, curl your hair (bangs included). You want the curls to be light curls and not tight ringlets. Place a chignon bun maker just above the ponytail and start pinning sections of hair over it. Make sure the bun maker is the same color as your hair. If you have a round or heart-shaped face, the side bangs will slim your face down, and if you have a square or rectangular face, the side bangs soften the lines of the face.

8. Asymmetrical Hair

Best Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs - Asymmetrical Hair


This textured haircut is all the rage right now. One side of your hair is cut shorter than the other. You can decide how short and how long you want your hair to be. This hairstyle adds dimension to your face. The long natural side-swept bangs slim down the face and bring lateral attention to the face, focusing on the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. The height added by the hair at the top of your head makes your face look longer.


9. Side Bangs With A High Bun

Best Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs - Side Bangs With A High Bun


A high bun updo and simple side bangs come together to create a lovely look. Roll your hair into a high bun or try an exquisite bun updo to amp up this look. The side bangs frame the face well and soften a harsh facial outline. This hairstyle makes your forehead appear small and keeps the focus on your eyes.

10. Front Bangs With A Half Ponytail

Best Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs - Front Bangs With A Half Ponytail


This hairstyle is easy to do. Comb some hair from the front and sides, hold it at the center of your head, and push it up and pin it in place. When you push it up, the hair on top creates a slight pouf, which adds length to your face. The front eyebrow-grazing bangs with long sides frame the face well by drawing attention to the eyes and jawline.

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